Our size and location has changed over time, starting in London, then Paris, Buenos Aires and now Miami. The constant thread is our love of the atelier, precise patternmaking and creative flow of collaboration with so many talented people around us. We love working together with our textile developers as we do with our brides that arrive with beautiful stories and ideas that we are excited to interpret and bring to life.

Since its very beginning in 2010,

House of Matching Colours has always been a project in evolution. Obsessed with the art of making garments, we have explored the realms of bespoke couture for musicians, experimental womenswear to the development of bridal dress dreams that push us forward in our aesthetic and investigation. 

Our projects are led by Paula Selby Avellaneda, womenswear designer and couturier. She belongs to the design family of the Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts, having graduated with a master degree in visual Arts in 2010.  She has built House of Matching Colours over the past 10 years with the sole object of exploring and experimenting with her personal ideas about design, womenswear, sophistication and freedom.

 House of Matching Colours         


Palermo - Buenos Aires, Argentina

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 The Bridal Project         


2751 N Miami Ave Suite 9,

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